Painting the Beauty of Scotland: A Creative Experience with Watercolour & Sketching

From Oct 08 2022 to Oct 19 2022 (11 Nights) Print Version Status: *NEW* Available

Scotland's landscapes have captivated the eyes of whoever has seen them for centuries. From the roaming hills surrounding the enchanted city of Edinburgh to the awe inspiring grandeur of the Highland slopes. From the quaint fishing villages of Fife to the ancient standing stones of the isles. Scotland's beauty mesmerizes you with one glance. On this tour, we combine the world of travel and art. We offer a wide variety of painting locations as well as the opportunity to explore the beauty of Scotland. We discover the stunning scenery and history of Scotland; from the majestic Highlands to the Scottish Borders; from the rural villages where one feels you´re at the world´s edge to the cobbled fairytale streets of Edinburgh. We welcome artists-at-heart and artists alike to join us on this exciting art tour through Scotland.

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